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Ryan Holroyd

Graduate Student

327 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (860) 231-1524

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Doctoral Candidate in Dual-title Asian Studies & History Program
  2. MA, University of Alberta, 2010
  3. BA, University of Alberta, 2007


I am a historian of early modern East Asia with a primary focus on the development of the trade routes that linked that region to the larger world economy. My current research project is an attempt to map the global distribution of Chinese luxury commodities in the eighteenth century, and to assess their impact on the structure of world trade. My secondary interests also include Qing-era Taiwan and piracy in the Indian Ocean, both of which I have recently published articles on.  I am currently collecting materials for a second project on the comparative development of the trading environments in Xiamen (Amoy) and Guangzhou (Canton) for European and Chinese merchants in the last decades of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth

Recent Publications:

“Whatever Happened to the Villains of the Indian Seas? The Happy Retirement of the Madagascar Pirates, 1698 – 1721,” International Journal of Maritime History 29(4) (November 2017) [forthcoming].

“Schools, Temples, and Tombs Across the Sea: The Re-Civilization of Post-Zheng Taiwan, 1683 – 1722,” Frontiers in Chinese History 10(4) (2015): 571 – 593.

Review of Serge Gruzinski’s The Eagle and the Dragon: Globalization and European Dreams of Conquest in China and America in the Sixteenth Century for H-War, June 2015.

Awards and Service:

Graduate Scholar Award, College of Liberal Arts, Pennsylvania State University (2013-2014)
Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Republic of China (2010-2011)
Graduate Student Scholarship, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology (2010)
Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship, Government of the Province of Alberta (2009-2010)

Recent Courses:

HIST 011 - World History II


East Asia, Southeast Asia, maritime history, and trade history

Research Interests:

Martime trade networks of the China Sea region, Zheng family regime, Buddhist pilgrimage site, development of East Asian trade
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