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Peter Van Lidth de Jeude

Peter Van Lidth de Jeude

Graduate Student

207 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Doctoral Candidate, Pennsylvania State University
  2. MA, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2008
  3. BA, Principia College, 2004


I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of History, studying modern European history under the guidance of Dr. Sophie DeSchaepdrijver. My research is focused on the history of Wilhelmine Germany and my dissertation studies the bureaucracy of occupation during World War I, particularly through the eyes of those individuals most intimately involved in the establishment and maintenance of those occupations: occupation bureaucrats. Unlike past studies of Germany’s World War I occupations, my study eschews a regional focus and instead looks at the occupations as a whole, connecting the scholarship surrounding World War I occupations to the study of Wilhelmine bureaucracy and the burgeoning field of occupation studies.

Awards and Service:

University Graduate Fellowship, Pennsylvania State University (2009-10)
Milton B. Dolinger Graduate Fellowship in the WWII Era (2009-10)
Betty Crawford Ervin Fellowship in History (2007-08)
Floyd A. McNeil History Award (2004)

Recent Courses:

HIST001 -  The Western Heritage I (TA)
HIST002 - The Western Heritage II (TA)
HIST021 - American Civilization Since 1877 (TA)
HIST143 - History of Fascism and Nazism


Modern Europe


Bureaucratic Occupations - Ambition, Ideology & Career in the German Occupations of WWI

This dissertation looks at Germany’s World War I occupations as a whole through a close examination of the personal papers of German occupation bureaucrats. It considers a range of questions, from how dominion is established in these newly occupied territories to the complexity of Wilhelmine German bureaucracy, particularly during wartime, to the role of German Kultur in the thoughts and actions of the occupiers.

Research Interests:

German History, Wilhelmine Germany, World War I and II, War and Society, History of Bureaucracy, Modern European History
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