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Mike Milligan

Mike  Milligan

Head of Undergraduate History Intern Program

Senior Lecturer in History

204 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 863-6670

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. PhD, University of Virginia, 1994
  2. MA, University of Virginia, 1985
  3. BA, University of Toronto, 1982


My graduate work is in latter 19th century and 20th century American intellectual history with a focus on the post-Civil War South.  My dissertation examines the writings of a noted Southern sociologist, regionalist, and race relations leader (Howard Odum) who taught at the University of North Carolina from the 1920s through the early 1950s.  In addition, one of my majors in college was economics, and I greatly enjoy the study of economic history and the history of economic thought.  I am intrigued by the United States during the Gilded Age and the early 20th century as the nation struggled mightily with the forces of industrialization and modernization.  In recent years my focus has shifted to the study of big business and business regulation in America—more precisely, popular and political attitudes towards vast corporations and the government’s treatment of monopolies.  On several occasions while at Penn State I have taught a seminar on monopolies and the history of antitrust.  I also teach the American Business History, the United States Constitutional History Since 1877, and the Soviet History courses.  I serve as the head of the History Department’s Undergraduate Intern Program.  So if you are interested in doing an internship (which garners 400-level History credit) I would welcome meeting with you and trying to work out such an internship.  Additionally, I am the Honors Advisor for the History Department.

Recent Publications:

Paul Blank ’94: Changing Wal-Mart, and Changing America” [An Interview with Paul Blank, 1st Director of Wake Up Wal-Mart], The Exeter Bulletin, Fall 2008, pp. 23-26.

A Conversation with Khrushchev,” The Exeter Bulletin, Summer 2003, p. 4.

The ‘Universal Constant in A World of Societal Variables’: Howard Odum’s Use of the Folk Concept in Folk Sociology, 1930-1953, ”The Folklore Historian, Volume 8 (1991), pp. 5-25.

The Question of Black Labor and Planter Immigration Ideology, 1865-1910,” Essays in History, Department of History, University of Virginia, Volume 28 (1984), pp. 81-110.

Recent Undergraduate Courses:

HIST020 - American Civilization to 1877
HIST155 - American Business History
HIST302W - Undergraduate Seminar

HIST450 - Constitutional History of the United States Since 1877

Research Interests:

U.S. Business & Economic History, Late 19th & 20th century, U. S. Intellectual History
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