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Kwok-leong Tang

Kwok-leong Tang

PhD Candidate

207 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Doctoral Candidate in Dual-title Asian Studies & History Program
  2. MPhil., Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2007
  3. BA., Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2004


I am a doctoral candidate and teaching assistant in the Department of History.

Recent Publications:

〈資 料不足對《明儒學案》編撰的限制──以〈粵閩王門學案〉為例〉(The Impacts of the inadequacy of information on the writing of The Records of the Ming Scholars: Using “The School of Guangdong And Fujian” as an example),《燕京學報》(Yenching Journal of Chinese Studies)Volume 21(2006), Pp85-106.

〈田州事非我本心——王守仁(1472-1528)的廣西之役〉(The Tianzhou event wasn’t my intention: Wang Shouren’s campaign in Guangxi ),《清華學報》(The Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies), 40.2, Pp265-293.

Translation from English to Chinese, Edward Farmer, “The Great Ming Commandment (Ta Ming Ling): An Inquiry into Early-Ming Social Legislation,” Asia Major, 4.1(1993): 181-199. Published as 〈大明令——明初的社會立法工具〉,《明史研究論叢》(Mingshi Yanjiu Luncong), Volume 8 (2010), Pp36-46.

Awards and Service:

IAH Graduate Student Residencies (Institute for the Arts & Humanities, The Pennsylvania State University, 2016)
CIAC Small Grant Award (CIAC, Association of Asian Studies, 2015)
Asia Library Travel Grant (Asia Library, University of Michigan, 2015)
Hung Family Fellowship (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2010)

Recent Courses:

HIST010 - Non-Western Civilization (TA)
HIST011-Non-Western Civilization (TA)


Cultural Unity and Political Legitimacy in Local and Transnational Contexts: The Temple of Culture (wenmiao) in Late Imperial China and Vietnam

Research Interests:

Late Imperial China, Sino-Vietnamese Relationship, Cultural Memory