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Kathryn Falvo

Kathryn Falvo

Graduate Student

115 Pond Laboratory
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Doctoral Student in Dual-title Women's Studies & History Program
  2. BA, Susquehanna University, 2011


I am an ABD graduate student studying under the direction of Dr. Lori Ginzberg. As a member of both the History Department and the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, I am interested in bringing both a theoretical and a historical background to my work. My dissertation is on the vegetarian movement in America prior to 1860. It focuses in particular on the labor required from women to sustain vegetarian activism. I am also interested in Digital Humanities, Quaker studies, and religious history.

Awards and Service:

William H. Helfand Fellowship for American Medicine, Science, and Society, The Library Company of Philadelphia, 2015
RGSO Dissertation Support Grant, The Pennsylvania State University, 2013
McCourtney and Knight Pre-Dissertation Grant, Department of History, the Pennsylvania State University, 2014
Seth and Mary Edith Hinshaw Fellowship, Guilford College, 2013
Gest Fellowship for Study in the Quaker Collection, Haverford College 2013
Stitzer and Pencak Seed Grant, Department of History, The Pennsylvania State University, 2013
The Ann Richards Award for Best Graduate Paper Still in Coursework, Department of History, The Pennsylvania State University 2014
History Graduate Student Association Officer, Pennsylvania State University (2012)
E-tu Zen Sun Award, Pennsylvania State University (2012)
McCourtney Scholarship, Pennsylvania State University (2012)
Robert G. Mowry Award, Susquehanna University (2011)

Recent Courses:

HIST010 - Non-Western Civilization (TA)
HIST020 - American Civilization to 1877 (TA)
HIST021 - American Civilization Since 1877 (TA)
HIST130 - Introduction to the Civil War Era, 1848 through 1877


19th Century US

Research Interests:

Gender, Religion, Health, and Social Movements
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