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Jeffrey Horton

Graduate Student

207 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 865-6203

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Doctoral Candidate, Pennsylvania State University
  2. MA, Pennsylvania State University, 2009
  3. MAT, Quinnipiac University, 2006
  4. BA, Quinnipiac University, 2005


I am a doctoral candidate working on military and social history in the early modern Habsburg Monarchy and Austria under the supervision of Dr. Ronnie Hsia.  My dissertation is entitled “In Service of the State: Desertion, Discipline, and Army Life in the Habsburg Standing Army in the Eighteenth Century.”  In dealing with desertion, my dissertation focuses on the ways in which the Catholic Habsburg Monarchy administered its multilingual, multi-ethnic, multi-confessional subjects and how these subjects reacted to the Monarchy's administration.  This project is particularly interested in the legal and administrative treatment of deserting soldiers from 1753-1801 and what we can learn about the political and social dynamics of interactions in the Habsburg Monarchy--ex. what were the motivating factors for desertion in this period and how/why were soldiers punished?

Recent Publications:

"Arnim-Boitzenburg, Hans Georg von (1583-1641)," Germany at War: An Encyclopedia, ABC-Clio (forthcoming, 2014)

Awards and Service:

Edwin Erle Sparks Fellowship (2012-2013)
PSU College of Liberal Arts RGSO Dissertation Support Grant (2011)
IIE-ÖAD Fulbright- Mach Fellowship (2011-2012)
Central European History Society Research and Travel Grant (2011)

Recent Courses:

HIST001 - The Western Heritage I (TA)
HIST002 - The Western Heritage II
HIST010 - Non-Western Civilization
HIST143 - History of Fascism and Nazism (TA)


Early Modern Global


In Service of the State: Desertion, Discipline, and Army Life in the Habsburg Standing Army in the Eighteenth Century

This dissertation traces the legal and administrative treatment of deserters in the multinational Habsburg Monarchy, particularly from 1740 to 1801, as well as the structural changes to the army brought on during the reigns of Maria Theresa and her children in the age of 'enlightened absolutism'.

Research Interests:

Early Modern Europe, Habsburg Monarchy, Austrian history, the 18th century, desertion, military history, social history, and Catholicism
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