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Cecily Zander

Cecily Zander
117 Pond Lab
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. MA, History, The Pennsylvania State University, 2017
  2. BA (With Highest Distinction), History, University of Virginia, 2015


I am a graduate student studying nineteenth-century United States History. My main areas of interest are the Civil War and the American West. My work examines how the U.S. Army developed just war policies during the Civil War and applied those policies during and following military engagements with American Indians. I am also interested in how the development of just war policies affected the treatment of Native Americans during Reconstruction. My work ultimately explores how the West figured in the military and political policy-making of the United States throughout the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Research Interests:

Nineteenth-Century U.S., American Civil War