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Courtney Rong Fu

Courtney Rong Fu

Graduate Student

205 Weaver Building
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Doctoral Candidate in Dual-title Asian Studies & History Program
  2. MA, New York University, 2009
  3. BA, National University of Singapore, 2007


I am a doctoral candidate and teaching assistant in the Department of History. I am interested in the socio-cultural history of late imperial China.

Recent Publications:

〈明中葉朱學砥柱 — 蔡清生平學術述略〉(An Intellectual Biographical Account of the Mid-Ming Neo-Confucian Cai Qing [1453-1508]), Xin Ya luncong新亞論叢 (Hong Kong), Vol. 11 (2010), pp.142-150.

Review of Gungwu Wang and Yongnian Zheng eds., Ideas in Conflict: From May Fourth Movement to Contemporary China (Singapore: World Scientific Co. Pte. Ltd. 2009). Asian Politics and Policies (U.S.A), Vol. 2, issue 4 (October/December 2010), pp. 697-699.

“Are U.S.-China Relations Destined to be Conflictual?” Paper, Essay, and Review:  Yonsei Graduate Journal of International Studies (South Korea), Vol.1, No.2 (winter 2009), pp.105-114.

Awards and Service:

Graduate Scholar Award, College of Liberal Arts, Pennsylvania State University (2012-13)

Recent Courses:

HIST010 - Non-Western Civilization (TA)
HIST011 - World History II (TA)


East Asia

Research Interests:

socio-cultural history of late imperial China
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